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Facing bugs and glitches after updating plugins on your WordPress? No worries, it is nothing but the plugin is trying to blend with the site. While blending, it may cause some troubles which lead to displaying various site errors to the visitor. To overcome these frustrating moments you should rollback the plugin that causes the error to the previous version to avoid the commotion. In the upcoming article, we will show you how to rollback or downgrade WordPress plugins.

Things to Contemplate before Rollbacking

  • Visit the support forum of the respective plugin or theme and check if other users experience this issue.
  • Try contacting the customer care service or report the developer about the problem for a quick fix.
  • Check whether the plugin is compatible with your WordPress version.
  • If the update is for some security patches then Rollback is not a wise choice.
  • Have a complete backup for your website, in worst cases rollbacking can cause some serious errors.

Ways to Rollback WordPress Plugins

There are four possible ways to Rollback WordPress Plugin from your website or blog.

  1. Rollback Plugin Using Plugin
  2. Rollback Theme using Plugin
  3. Rollback Plugin Without Plugin

#1 Rollback Using Plugin

[1] From your Dashboard, go to the Plugin section.

[2] Click on Add New and search for WP Rollback Plugin.

[3] Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress.

[4] Once the plugin is activated, get back to the Plugin section.

[5] Now you can see the Rollback option added next to every plugin you have.

[6] Choose the one you wish to rollback and click on Rollback.

[7] Select the version to which you need to downgrade the plugin.

How to RollBack WordPress Plugins
[8] Click on Rollback to download the older version.

How to RollBack WordPress Plugins
[9] Once the plugin is downloaded, click on Activate Plugin.

Update plugin
[10] Now you have rolled back the plugin successfully.

#2 Rollback Theme Using Plugin

If you are facing any issue with your theme and that theme was downloaded from, WP Rollback can work with that too. You may also like the Top 10 Best Free Themes for WordPress. Follow the steps below.

[1] Go to Appearance and choose Themes.

[2] Select the Theme you wish to rollback.

[3] Click on Rollback to downgrade its version.

How to RollBack WordPress Plugins

#3 Rollback without Plugin

Without a plugin, you need to download the required version of the Plugin. Unzip the plugin file and paste it into the WordPress file manager in the following location /wp-content/plugins/(Plugin name you need to Rollback). Paste the plugin file inside the folder and save the change. This will rollback the WordPress plugin to the version.

After doing so, log in to your WordPress site and click Plugin from the left pane. You will see the plugin that you uploaded a while back and that’s not all. You will now have to activate it to make that plugin run on your WordPress site. Configure the plugin settings if you want as each plugin comes with its own setting and customizations.

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Hope this article helped you rollback your plugins, WordPress, and its themes to your desired version. If you have any queries from the article make use of the comments section below. For more guides and articles, explore our blog.

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