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Whenever you are going to make a change or update your WordPress site, it is important to have a backup of your site. It is mandatory to always have a backup of your site in order to safeguard your site and its contents from some unexpected circumstances like attacks and hacks. Backup helps to regain the site back to normal while facing an unforeseen situation during updating or making changes on the website. In WordPress, there is more than one possible way to backup the site, and let’s see in detail how to do it in the right way.

Methods to Backup a WordPress Site

Some of the possible methods to backup your WordPress site data are

  • cPanel
  • FTP
  • Plugin

Backup WordPress Site and Database using cPanel

Using cPanel, you can back up both database and site files simply in a few steps.

Database Backup

[1] Login to your WordPress cPanel on your PC.

[2] Click on the Database section and choose phpMyAdmin.

Backup a WordPress Site
[3] Under the phpMyAdmin panel, go to the Export section.

[4] Select Quick as the Export method and choose the format of the output (SQL is preferable).

[5] Click on Go to start downloading the Database file.

[6] The downloaded file will reside in the Database folder on the download location.

Site Files Backup

[1] From your PC, log in to your WordPress cPanel.

[2] Click on the File section and choose File Manager.

File manager
[3] From File Manager, select the file named public_html and click on Compress.

Backup a WordPress Site
[4] In the Compression tab, choose the Compression type and name the file.

Zip archive
[5] Once compressed, select the compressed file and click on Download.

[6] After successfully downloading, click on Delete to save some storage in the server.

Backup a WordPress Site
[7] Now you have successfully backed up your WordPress site.

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Backup WordPress Manually using FTP

[1] Sign up and open the FTP of your site.

[2] From the server panel (right-hand side), choose the Public_html file.

[3] Click and drag the public_html file from the server panel to the local disk panel.

Backup a WordPress Site
[4] Once transferred, you have successfully backup your entire site file and database of your WordPress site.

Backup WordPress site using Plugin

If you are not interested to perform a manual backup of your WordPress website, then try using a plugin to make your work simple. One of the popular backup plugins for WordPress is

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These are some of the possible ways to backup your WordPress website. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to backup your site and avoid losing any of your site data. Also it is better to have the backup on your cloud or online drive rather than the local storage. If you have any queries make use of the comments section below. For more WordPress insights explore our blog.

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