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The Email address is the gateway to obtain more visitors to the website. Everyone wants to bring more traffic to their WordPress website and constantly work on that. The marketing strategy differs from each site and most of them try social media to promote the website. Others have their newsletter to send emails to the subscribers. The latter method requires an email ID and you can get that in many ways. One such way is retrieving the mail address from the comments section. The WordPress website has the facility to design the comments section to provide a mandatory email address for commenting on the site. You can get the email address from the comments and utilize it for other purposes. In the below section we will learn how to export email addresses from WordPress Comments.

Export Email Addresses from WordPress Comments

You can export email addresses from your post/article comments through WordPress Plugins. The Plugin is Commenter Emails and it is available for free download in WordPress. It can obtain the email address from the comments section instantly with a single click. The Plugin also gathers the user’s website URL and saves all the collected data in CSV format. It has many filters to modify the settings for managing the data, filename, shows emails, and more. Follow these steps to install the plugin.

(1). Go to the WordPress Dashboard and click Plugins.

(2). Select Add New and search for Commenter Emails.

(3). Choose Download to download the Commenter Emails on WordPress.

(4). Activate the Commenter Emails Plugin and select Comments.

(5). Choose Commenter Emails and click the Check box to include Commenter Website.

Select Download to get the email addresses

(6). Select Download to download the email list in the CSV file format.

(7). View the Email Address from the comments of the website.

There are several other plugins to export the email address from WordPress comments. They are Comments Emails, Export emails, more. You have to make sure that the plugin has the necessary tools for easy retrieval of the mail address.

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The commenter Emails guides in collecting the email address in the website and use the email address for branding the website. You can examine the comments for the article and share the related articles to their mail address. This can also be used as a tool to socialize the website to chosen people. If you have any issues with the above method, please comment in the below section. Visit our blog to know more about WordPress.

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