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If you are owning a blog or content-based website, you definitely have a comment section at bottom of each post. This comments section allows the user to comment on their thoughts, feedback about the post, contact the admin/post editor, add suggestions, raising queries, and many more. Apart from the textual comments, you can even allow the user to upload some attachments like images, video, audio, documents, files, embed links (YouTube, Website, etc), PPT, etc. via the comment box. In the upcoming article let’s how to allow attachments in the WordPress comments box or comment section.

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Step to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments

With the help of the WordPress plugin, you can add lots of additional features to your WordPress site apart from what WordPress itself and your theme offers. Let’s how to add/insert images or any kind of attachments inside WordPress.

[1] Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins from the left panel.

[2] Choose Add New from the expanded plugin menu.

Add new Plugin
[3] Search for DCO Comment Attachment in the search bar.

[4] Select the plugin from the search result and click on Install Now.

DCO Comment Attachment plugin
[5] The installation process may take some time to complete.

[6] Once installed, click on Activate to make the plugin available on the WordPress site & dashboard.

[7] Now, go to Settings in the Dashboard and choose DCO Comment Attachment.

Settings - How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments
[8] In the Settings, you can set lots of restrictions and limitations on the attachment section

Here are the things you set on the Attachment section using DCO Comment Attachment

  • Maximum Upload File Size (up to 999)
  • Embed Attachment
  • Attachment Mandatory
  • Auto embed Link
  • Multiple Upload
  • Image & Gallery Size
  • File Types
  • Who can upload
  • Manually Approve comments to appear on site
DCO Settings - How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments
[9] Once all set, click on Save Changes and this will apply to your Comments box.

[10] Now reload your website and you can see the Attachment section in the comment box.

Commnet Attachments - How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments

There are lot more plugins on WordPress that can replicate the same process like

Manage Attachments in Comments Section

You can manage each and every comment in your comment box from the comment section. Before going to the comments section on the WordPress dashboard, make sure to do the following in the DCO Comment Attachment settings.

  • Make sure to check the Manually moderate comments with attachments box
  • Also, check the Delete attachments when the comment is deleted? box
Check box - How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments

Once done click on Save changes and go to the Comments section from the WordPress dashboard. Under the WordPress comments section, you can see all the comments posted by the user. From here you can Approve, edit, reply, delete, spam, and trash the comments. Before approving a comment make sure the comment and the file uploaded are legitimate. Because there is the possibility of SQL injection, hacking, etc. can be done via the comment box. If you find something fishy in a comment, delete the comment immediately. You can check all the media uploaded directly from the comments section before approval. If you find something inappropriate, delete it instantly.

Comments section

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This is how you can allow attachments in the WordPress comments section. Without the plugin, you can add an attachment section manually under the comment box and this involves some advanced coding knowledge that matches WordPress and your theme’s code. In our opinion, it is best to use the plugin from the WordPress plugin store or theme that comes with the default comment attachment feature. If you have any queries let us know in the comments section below.

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