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Facebook Like is a phenomenal tool to get instant responses for photos, write-ups, more. It is good to have a Facebook Like button on the WordPress Website. Facebook Like boosts the popularity among the users since it is the most popular social media. It has the maximum number of users in the world. The website will incorporate more users through Facebook Likes. You may direct the Facebook Like to the Website Facebook page and you can share the articles on Facebook. It is one of the best ways to promote your website to people. We will check out the procedure to add Facebook Like button in WordPress.

Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress

The Facebook Like Button can be obtained in two ways on the WordPress website. You can either try the code or use the Plugins.

Using Code

(1). Visit the Facebook for Developers website using the Google Chrome browser.

(2). Move to the Like Button Configurator and enter the Website Facebook Page URL.

Facebook Like Button Configurator

(3). Type the Width and choose the Layout, Action Type, Button Size.

(4). Select Get Code and it displays a set of code to be added on the WordPress Website.

Code to add Facebook

(5). Go to the WordPress Website and select the Appearance on the left side menu.

(6). Choose the Theme Editor and click Theme files.

(7). Select Theme Header (header.php) and copy the first code on Like Button Configurator.

(8). Paste the Code next to <body> and select Update File.

(9). Copy the next code in the Configurator and move to the Theme Editor again.

(10). Select the Theme File and paste the code.

(11). Click Update File to get the Like Button.

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Using Plugin

The Plugins are the easiest way to get the widgets on the WordPress Website. Though there are several Plugins available, it is recommended to use the WP Like Button plugin to add the Facebook Like Button to the website. You have an option to choose the appearance of the Like button on the website. It also has the facility to exclude some posts or pages.

(1). Select Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard and click Add New to add Plugin.

(2). Look for WP Like Button Plugin and select Download to download the Plugin.

(3). Activate the Plugin on the WordPress website and click the WP Like Button Plugin.

(4). Choose the spot for Facebook Like Button under Where to display and click Preview.

(5). Select the Layout, Action Type, Color, Button Size for the Facebook Like Button.

(6). Click Save Settings to get the Facebook Like Button.

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Hence, we have seen the methods to add the Facebook Like Button in WordPress. The Facebook Like function helps in promoting the website to wider audiences. It can also be used as a notification tool to inform the users of future articles. You can check the blog for WordPress-related articles.

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