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Instagram is one of the most popular and trending social media platforms which was initially launched for sharing images. Later the application has been evolved with lots of features like Reels (TikTok Alternative), IGTV (YouTube Alternative), Instagram Shop (for e-commerce), and many more. If you are an Instagram content creator or influencer, you can increase your followers and reach by posting your Instagram post or photos from the WordPress website. So let’s see how to post Instagram photos to WordPress.

For example: If you have a travelogue website and writing a post on the country you visited, it is best to post it on Instagram and later embed it on your website. This helps to maintain both Instagram and the website reach at the same time. Also, embedding images/videos from some popular third-party websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. helps to save lots of server load and helps load your website faster.

Ways to Post Instagram Photos to WordPress

There are two possible ways to post Instagram images or videos on your WordPress website. They are

  • Embed Instagram posts without Plugin
  • Embed Instagram posts with Plugin

How to Embed Instagram Posts without Plugin

Facebook has revoked the access of WordPress to embed its Instagram and Facebook on the WordPress website. This has been implemented on Gutenberg plugin version 9.0 and WordPress core version 5.6. If you are using an older version of WordPress and Gutenberg, you can embed Instagram posts just by copy-paste the link in the Editor window or you can paste the link on the Instagram block. But, it is recommended to keep your Gutenberg plugin and WordPress up-to-date to avoid any security issues. Also, check our guide on how to update the WordPress plugins in all possible ways.

How to Embed Instagram Posts with Plugin

Right now in WordPress, using a plugin is the only way to embed Instagram posts on WordPress. Here are some of the popular plugins that allow you to embed Instagram on WordPress.

[1] Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugin from the left panel.

Add new
[2] Choose Add New and search for Jetpack.

[3] Click on Install Now and after installation, click on Activate.

[4] From your Instagram account, copy the post link/URL you wish to embed.

Copy link
[5] Go to your WordPress Editor page.

[6] In the block section, search for Instagram.

Instagram Block - How to Post Instagram Photos to WordPress
[7] In the Instagram block, just paste the Instagram Post URL.

Instagram URL - How to Post Instagram Photos to WordPress
[8] Now your Instagram post will be embedded successfully on your WordPress website.

Instagram Photo - How to Post Instagram Photos to WordPress

Preview of Instagram Post Embedded in WordPress (Jetpack)

With Jetpack, you can only embed the Instagram post anywhere on your website and nothing more than that. For more view patterns and customizations, check out the following plugins


Hope this article helped you find how to embed Instagram photos on your WordPress website. Apart from plugins, there are several Instagram-ready themes that you can use to add Instagram images on your WordPress websites. If you have any queries let us know in the comments section below. Also, if we have missed any of your favorite Instagram plugins for WordPress comment down below.

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