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Attracting visitors to your website is a big deal, but sustaining them is the real game. Primarily, everyone concentrates on their design and content. But in order to sustain the visitors for a long period of time, you need some kind of strategy to achieve. The longer the user stays on your website, the better it helps to improve your site metrics. There are several ways using which you can engage the user on your website like quizzes, lucky draw, countdown, lucky-spin, etc. Here in this article, we are going to see some of the best quiz plugins for your WordPress website.

A properly curated quiz can pull a lot of traffic to your site, only if you plan accordingly. Quizzes with funny and entertaining results can draw more social media shares eventually engaging more visitors to your website. The website BuzzFeed gains a lot of users with its quizzes and its most engaging posts with quizzes. With WordPress, you can choose from a wide choice from the best WordPress plugins to create quizzes. In this article let us discuss the best WordPress quiz plugins available for you to set up on your website. The positive side of having a quiz plugin is that you can reduce your site’s bounce rate to an extent by holding them on the site for an extended period. Keeping them entertained will make them return to the website quite often. With quizzes, you can generate more leads and visitors to your website easily.

8 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Here is the list of some of the free, premium, and freemium plugins to add quizzes on your WordPress website.

  • Opinion Stage
  • WP Quiz
  • Quiz Cat
  • ARI Stream Quiz
  • mTouch Quiz
  • WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder
  • Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on
  • Quiz and Survey Master

Opinion stage

Opinion Stage - Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Opinion Stage is one of the best quiz creation plugin available online. The Opinion Stage WordPress Quiz Maker is so flexible with a lot of interactive options that can keep your audience engaged. From the traditional right / wrong quizzes to the most modern, Opinion stage WordPress quiz plugin offers six quiz types. The plugin embeds well with almost every type of website and also the plugin offers features to edit hex colors to make the quizzes blend to your website. The Opinion stage plugin has both free and paid versions with respective features. With the free version, you get almost every feature of the plugin but there is a cap on the maximum number of users who can take up the quiz. You can trail the paid version completely for free for 14 days and switch to it for $19 a month which is completely worth it.

WP Quiz

WP Quiz - Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

The WP Quiz is yet another powerful quiz maker plugin that comes with free and paid options. It has three types of quizzes, trivia, personality, and flip cards. You can add custom images to your quizzes with Wp Quiz which is a good feature. The plugin is completely responsive and you can place it on any number of sites. With Wp Quiz you can create quizzes on a single page or multi-pages. It also offers the useful auto-scrolling feature and set a timer feature. The pro version gives you the ability to force users for an action to view quiz results.

Quiz cat

Quiz Cat - Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

The Quiz cat plugin is an easy-to-use simple quiz plugin for WordPress. The plugin lets you add images to the quiz questions and answers. You can even set a start and finish page for your quiz. The user interface is so simple that blends easily with any WordPress theme and for any screen. The Quiz cat gives you a feature that could shuffle the answers. Also, you can translate the answers into any language. Apart from these features, there are few downsides of Quiz cat, which is, you cannot alter the image size in the answers you provide. Even if the plugin allows the user to change languages, the feature is not user-friendly.

ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream quiz is famous for lead generation as the plugin helps you collect a user’s mail addresses and names. You can easily integrate with the email marketing tools like MailChimp and AWeber. The ARI stream quiz is best for building personality and trivia quizzes. With the free version, you get almost every feature, and with the premium version at $17 you have a few more added abilities like adding more pages to your quiz, setting up a results page, etc. The premium pack has a feature called a force to share with which you can encourage your users to share your quizzes on social media and gain more traffic.

mTouch Quiz

mTouch Quiz

The mTouch Quiz is designed completely for touchscreen devices which makes creating a quiz page very easy. It supports hints, multiple correct answers, highlight answers at the end, restrict answer attempts and more. You can randomize questions and create custom start and finish screens. The mTouch quiz has point values for each question so as to display the total score at the end. So if you are looking for a simple quiz plugin, this could suit you.

WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

WordPress Viral Quiz

The WordPress Viral Quiz is a BuzzFeed-styled quiz Builder for creating large thumbnail images and multiple results. The plugin is a paid one and is available on CodeCanyon. So make a one-time payment for $36 and enjoy its features to the fullest. With its built-in email capture module, you can collect many customers by making them sign up for your newsletter. With WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder, you can create personality and trivia quizzes. In which, the personality quizzes are famous on Facebook, while the trivia quizzes are popular on Twitter. One feature of the plugin is that it forces the users to share the quiz on social media to see the results. The most useful and popular feature is that you can add ads to your quiz and enable a browser refresh function to earn more money. It has built-in analytics and wonderful customer support.

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on

Gravity Form Quiz Add-on

You can use this Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on from Gravity Forms only if you hold their developer license which costs $199. As it is a premium plugin you get seamless support and updates from the Gravity Forms team. Like any other quiz plugin, it also offers it includes features to add right and wrong answers, score weighting for answers, randomize answers, and providing answer explanations. Though the plugin has these many features, it doesn’t concentrate on visual features and effects. But if you are a developer you could create anything within this.

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz Survey Master - Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

The Quiz and Survey Master is one of the most popular plugins available with over 20K installs and almost 5 stars. The plugin is completely free and filled with plenty of features. You can also add premium features with their premium add-ons priced at $15 each. The two-in-one plugin can create any type of quizzes like single choice, multiple-choice, true and false, open answer, drop down, fill in the blank, number, captcha, with or without including multimedia images or audio. It has an interesting feature called a timer, which clocks a timer for every question being asked to make sure that the user doesn’t navigate away.

These are some of the top WordPress quiz plugins available that are accessible for WordPress. Hope you find the best one that fits your website and helps you gain visitors and visiting time. You can also consider using the best WordPress autoresponder plugins to achieve this. Let us know if we missed any of your favorite WordPress Quiz plugins. Also, comment below if you face having any queries or issues on your WordPress website.

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