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The Domain name is the most important thing for a successful website. It needs some special care, idealogy, and planning before you naming a domain. A perfect domain name with perfect content makes your site more fortunate. Choosing a domain name is simple if you own a brand or something with a name but if you are going for something in common then it involves some groundwork to make it successful. If you have no clue on how to choose a Domain name for your site, here are some of the tips and tricks to choose a catchy domain name for your site and be successful in the online race.

7 Tip to Choose Domain

  • Always go with .com as TLD
  • Research your domain name with related Keyword
  • Make it short, unique, and catchy
  • Don’t use hyphens and doubled letters
  • Hold on to progressive and brandable
  • Make use of online Domain generators
  • Make a move before it’s too late

#1 Always Go with .com as TLD

How to Choose a Domain Name

Top-Level Domain is the most important thing on a domain name and always prefer .com rather than any other TLD’s. Because .com is the most commonly and popularly used TLD, also it is easily identified by many. It is not compulsory to use .com in some scenarios like site for some organization, government-related websites, and much more where you need to go with other TLD’s like .net, .org, .gov, etc.

#2 Research your Domain Name with Related Keyword

related keyword

Before giving the name for the site, you need to do some detailed research on various categories. The most important thing you need to look for is a strongly related keyword that suits you. You use some of the popular sites like KWFinder, Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner, etc. After researching several keywords, you should narrow down to that one keyword that suits all the content your produce on the site.

#3 Make it Short, Unique, and Catchy

How to Choose a Domain Name

Make your domain short as it should feel easy to type. It should be unique and catchy so that they could remember the name by heart. Keep the domain name within 10 words for easy identification. Don’t copy the name of other blogs/sites with some minor changes because it may sometimes lead your traffic to other sites. So be careful with the name you choose.

#4 Don’t Use Hyphens and Double Letters

Not hyphens

Don’t use any kind of special characters like hyphens on your website. For Example like This causes some typo errors and leads to some other sites with similar names. Also, avoid using double-letter words in your domain name. For example,, where there is ‘sss’ that comes continuously in the middle and that may lead to some typo error by the visitor leading them to be redirected somewhere.

#5 Hold On to Progressive and Brandable

How to Choose a Domain Name

Don’t subtle your domain name to a single thing or product, unless or until it is only for a single item or content. For example, if you are starting a clothing site, then don’t give a name like because it narrows your site only for the t-shirt (If only for a t-shirt then there are no issues). The name should be progressive like,, etc. If you are selling a single brand of clothes, then you should have your brand name as your domain for the visitor to identify.

$6 Make use of Online Domain Generators

domain name generator

There are several online domain generators to generate domain names based on the categories and constraints you provide. Some of the popular domain name generator sites like instant domain search, domain wheel, Business Name Generator, etc. can give you some better recommendations.

#7 Make a Move Before it’s Too Late

How to Choose a Domain Name

There are over 326 million+ domains available online and the number is increasing day by day. You need to act fast to get your domain name before it goes out of hand. As there are lots of people out there look for a cool domain name, so you better and be the one to have it. If you already have a website running for years and think of shifting to a better domain name as discussed above, you can simply buy and redirect it to your new domain.


Hope this article gives you an insight on how to choose a domain name for your website. Use these tips on your site and make a good fortune out of it. For more articles, explore our blog.

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