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Having a tutorial, photography, or image-related website, the before and after image comparison slider could be a great idea to engage more visitors to your site. Instead of comparing two images separately in a conventional way, these before-after image sliders are fun and easy to express your thoughts and difference in a cooler way. In WordPress, you can add lots of features to your website with the help of the best WordPress plugins. Adding and using this plugin does not require any coding or prior knowledge. Just add the plugin and boom, you have many features on your website within seconds. Likewise, here are some of the best before & after image slider WordPress plugin that will be of great use for photographers, dentists, doctors, architects, landscape artists, 3D or visual effects artists to let people compare the artwork and present it to the site visitor in an interactive fashion.

How Before & After Image Sliders Work?

Usually, people create two photos and place them side by side to highlight the difference. Or merge these two images into a single one with the before and after images separated by a line or something in the middle using some photo editing tool. But these before and after image sliders work in an interactive manner by having a slider over the image to view both the images fully on the same image. You can drag the slider to the sides to fully view the before and after image. Some plugins even offer mouse hover so that the slider can be controlled by hovering the mouse over the image.

5 Best Before & After Image Slider Plugins on WordPress

Here is the list of some of the best Before & After Image Slider plugins which you can try on your WordPress website.

  • Jetpack Plugin
  • Twenty20 Image Before-After
  • Ultimate Before After Image Slider & Gallery – BEAF
  • BA Plus – Before & After Image Slider FREE
  • Image Comparison Block


Jetpack - Best Before & After Image Slider WordPress Plugins

Jetpack is one of the most popular plugins that is used by almost a million WordPress users. With the plugin activated on your website, you can have Before & After Image slider along with a lot more other features which can be accessed and added to your editor block directly. If you are using Jetpack and looking for an alternative, check out some of the best Jetpack alternatives in the market.

Twenty20 Image Before-After

Twnety20 Image Before After - Best Before & After Image Slider WordPress Plugins

Twenty20 Image Before-After is the WordPress plugin of the TwentyTwenty script developed by the Zurb team. The is a responsive plugin that could offer you image comparing by swiping between two images. The plugin is supported by almost every popular page builder.

Ultimate Before After Image Slider & Gallery – BEAF


Ultimate Before After Image Slider & Gallery – BEAF is another great plugin for WordPress as it can be used via shortcode. So that you can use it on any post or page within your website. You can use the slider both vertically and horizontally according to the image.

BA Plus – Before & After Image Slider FREE

BA Plus - Best Before & After Image Slider WordPress Plugins

BA Plus – Before & After Image Slider lets you easily compare before and images. The plugin is user-friendly and the setup is simple. This plugin also features the facility to move the slider both horizontally and vertically. We could see that the plugin has more positive reviews and also its developer offers good support in case of queries. The plugin also has a pro version which has even more added features and support.

Image Comparison Block

Image Comparison block - Best Before & After Image Slider WordPress Plugins

The Image Comparision Block is yet another easy-to-use WordPress plugin. It has a draggable slider to compare two images instantly. The Before After Image Slider WP is touch-friendly so that it can be seamlessly used on a mobile, tablet, or desktop. The plugin includes a media manager, shortcode, widget, post permalinks, and a post editor.

Sample of Before and After Image Slider Using Jetpack

Hope this article helped you out in finding the best before and after image slider WordPress plugins. Comment below if you have any queries.

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