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The WordPress CMS has plenty of useful features for all kinds of website users. One among them is the ability to schedule the posts to publish at a specific date and time. This feature will be of great use if you are having a blogging website or planning for a vacation or couldn’t catch up with varying time zones. Also, if you have more than one website to manage then there is a chance of missing some important post or blog to publish on your websites. With this feature, you can always maintain your website regularly by providing content to your site audience even when you are remote. But WordPress has this common error which you may notice sometimes that WordPress didn’t publish the set of posts you have scheduled on your website. If you encounter such an error, here is our detailed guide on how to overcome and fix WordPress missed schedule.

Why Didn’t WordPress Publish my Scheduled Posts?

WordPress post scheduling works based on Cron. Cron is nothing but a time-based job scheduler in several operating and management systems. Cron makes the jobs schedule periodically at fixed intervals even if the user is present on the computer or not. The same method is used for scheduling posts in WordPress but the cron functionality varies a bit here. The cron in WordPress doesn’t depend on the server or its clock but the visitors of your website. In simple words, the WP-Cron functionality is activated every time a visitor visits your website. So in other words, if no visitors have visited your site on or before the scheduled time of the posts, they will not be published as per the scheduled and the system displays a Missed Schedule message near the posts.

Plugins to Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error

To fix this error, it is best to use a WordPress scheduler plugin that can make your job a whole lot simpler and allow you to enjoy your vacation. Here are some of the best plugins to fix the WordPress Missed Schedule Errors.

How to Install/Upload a Plugin in WordPress

[1] Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on plugins.

[2] Choose Add New from the Plugin menu.

Add New
[3] Here you can search for the plugin that is available on the WordPress plugin store.

WordPress Plugin - How to Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error

Note: If downloaded from WordPress plugin store move to step 6

[4] If not download the plugin from the official website and click on the Upload plugin.

[5] Choose the downloaded plugin .zip file from your device.

[6] Once uploaded/download, click Install Now to install the plugin.

[7] After installed, click on Activate to initiate the plugin on your website.

[8] Now your site will never miss out on any scheduled post from publishing.

How Does this Plugin Work?

The WordPress Missed Schedule Plugins checks for the unpublished or missed scheduled posts on your site. The plugin does this check every 5 minutes or once in a certain duration on your website. By doing this, the plugin monitors all your site posts, pages, products, other custom post types, etc., and publishes the post if it has missed its schedule. Also, it prevents your website from missing out on any scheduled post in the future.

Hope this article helped you out in fixing the Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress. If you have further queries please comment below.

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