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Have you ever want to change content to something you wrote in the beginning? Do you need to go back to the first draft you made on WordPress? If yes, then it is possible on your WordPress to restore the content which you have written and revised on WordPress. It is possible because of the new update of the Autosave feature which saves each draft of the content you wrote on WordPress then and there for future reference. Now we are going to see how to Undo the changes made on WordPress using the Revisions or Post revisions.

Methods to Undo Changes in WordPress

  • Undo Changes using Gutenberg Editor
  • Undo Changes using Elemntor Editor

How to Undo Changes using Gutenberg Editor

[1] Open the post on your WordPress Gutenberg editor which you need to restore the content.

[2] Click on Cog (Setting) icon on the top right to view the settings panel.

How to Undo Changes in WordPress
[3] Click on Post to view the post settings.

[4] Under the Post section, go to Revisions.


Note: In our example, there are 23 revisions which mean you have changed and drafted the content 24 times.

[5] You will be directed to compare the revision page.

How to Undo Changes in WordPress
[6] Using the slider on the top to view revision history on your WordPress and go to the one you wish to have.

[7] Once the revision is selected click on Restore this Revision or Restore this Autosave button to restore the content.

How to Undo Changes in WordPress
[8] Now you have successfully changed the content to the revision your wish on your WordPress editor.

Note: If the revision is not showing on your WordPress then you can’t undo anything. It means that you haven’t saved any draft yet or you might be missing an update. Try updating your WordPress to the latest available version.

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How to Undo Changes using Elementor Editor

[1] Open the content which you need to restore using the WordPress Elementor editor.

How to Undo Changes in WordPress
[2] Click on the Revision (Inverted reload icon with clock hands) icon from the bottom of the left panel.

revision icon
[3] From there choose Actions to view the complete list of actions that you have done on the content.

How to Undo Changes in WordPress

Optional: Using the actions section, you can see the changes and actions you have done and undo them on your own.

[4] Click on the Revisions tab next to Actions.

[5] Here you can find the revisions you have done.

[6] Select the revision you wish to restore and click on it to make the change.

[7] Now you have undone the change on your WordPress successfully.


These are some of the possible ways to undo changes in the WordPress editor. Also, You can also use Ctrl + Z on your keyboard to undo the recent change you made while creating content. Don’t use this method for the change that you made a long time ago because it may result in the loss of content. Hope this article helped you gain the content that you thought lost or erased. You might consider using WordPress backup plugins that periodically backup your data so that you don’t have the fear of losing your website content.

If you have any queries, make use of the comments section below. For more guides and articles on WordPress editors, explore our blog.

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