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One of the main factors which make your website successful is the speed of your website. The speed of your website influences your website traffic, bounce rate, user satisfaction, conversions, and finally profit. A website is faster during its initial stage but when time goes on it becomes slower as the sites accumulate data and get more complex. There are several factors that slow down your website and in the below article let’s discuss how to speed up your WordPress website in all possible ways.

How to Speed up WordPress Website

There are plenty of factors that affect the speed of your website and you modify a few things to make your website faster. Here is the list of things you can do to speed up the WordPress website.

  • Invest in Quality Hosting
  • Keeping the Web Technology Up To Date
  • Use the Latest Version of WordPress and Its Components
  • Use a Proper Theme
  • Perform Regular Database Maintenance
  • Set Up Monitoring
  • Optimize Images
  • Avoid Hosting Videos
  • Enabling Cache
  • Decrease Server Requests

Invest in Quality Hosting

Quality hosting - How to Speed up WordPress Website

Hosting is the main factor that influences the speed of your website. There are many Cheap Web Hosting Providers, but you have to choose the best and quality web hosting to maintain your website with good speed. This is one of the areas in which you have to spend money. Higher the investment better the website!

There are many Best WordPress Hosting providers and you have to choose the one which you can afford easily. For better speed, you can avoid shared hosting and go for a dedicated hosting provider. If you can’t go for dedicated hosting, then you can try getting managed WordPress hosting. If you go for managed WordPress hosting, then you don’t need to worry about the technical stuff of running the website.

Conclusion: Investing in Quality hosting will surely Speed up WordPress sites.

Keeping the Web Technology Up To Date

Web technology updated

Staying updated with the latest web technology is an important factor to speed up your WordPress website. Each, and every day the technology is getting updated and as web developers, it is our foremost duty to learn new technologies. There are many technologies being released each and every day which features improvements in speed. If you have bought a quality host, then you need not worry about the technologies as they will take care of it.

Even if you have a quality host, just check the new technologies as they will be helpful for you down the line. Just look around the PHP configurations whenever you log into your hosting backend. At the backend, you can control the version of PHP which you are using.

Conclusion: Keeping your site updated with the latest technology helps to improve the speed of your WordPress site.

Use the Latest Version of WordPress and Its Components

Latest WordPress version -How to Speed up WordPress Website

Whenever an update comes for WordPress, you should immediately update it. It is like the other software, you should update it to make it faster and safer than before. The updates come with various bug fixes, new features, and more. These updates are complete to make your site more efficient and speed up WordPress websites.

By keeping your WordPress and its component like Theme, Plugin, etc. updated, your website will speed up, and at the same time, it will help your website with security issues. You should update your plugins, themes, and make sure whether all the vulnerabilities are fixed or not.

Conclusion: By keeping WordPress and its component up to date, you can improve the speed of your website.

Use a Proper Theme

Good theme - How to Speed up WordPress Website

Themes play an important factor in speeding up your website. There are many free themes that are just a mess and if you use those themes, then your site will surely load slow. As the theme components would take more time to load. Check the features of the theme before installing it.

You can first list down your requirements and search the theme accordingly. Don’t go for themes with features beyond your requirement as it contains code that takes time to load. You can get a new lightweight theme and then add the additional functionalities through the plugins.

Conclusion: By using a proper theme, you can make your website faster.

Perform Regular Database Maintenance

Regular Database maintenance

The Database should be maintained properly to make the WordPress perform with the same speed. The Database sometimes gets filled with temporary disk space which is caused due to uninstalled plugins and post revisions. Therefore, regular database maintenance is crucial for any WordPress site.

To use the Database clean and easy, first, remove the unwanted files from the database with some cleaning tool. There are many optimizing tools that can be used to optimize your WordPress Database. One such tool is “WP-Optimize” which is the best among other cleaning tools.

Conclusion: Maintain the Database regularly for a website to be faster.

Set Up Monitoring

Setup monitoring

You can’t keep on checking the speed and performance of your website all the time. Hence, it is necessary for you to set up a monitor which will be monitoring your website for 24X7. There are many monitors which send you a mail or SMS notification when your site goes down.

One such monitoring tool is Pingdom. It offers you automatic monitoring. It also sends your notification whenever your site goes down or it becomes slower. Detailed monitored results are shown which you can utilize to find the issue which cause your site to go down.

Conclusion: If a tool gives you the analysis of why the site gets slower, then it is worth investing.

Optimize Images

Optimize image - How to Speed up WordPress Website

Images always need a huge space on a website. It is very obvious that the size of the text is lesser than the images and it needs more space. If the file size of the image is huge, then it takes more time to load. If the website contains images of huge sizes, then the website becomes slow.

In order to overcome this issue, you should upload images which is smaller in size. You can optimize the image so that the resolution doesn’t break but the size gets reduced. There are plenty of image compression plugins, which you can use to minimize the image size without affecting its quality.

Conclusion: Use the optimized images to reduce the load time of the image.

Avoid Hosting Videos

Avoid hosting video - How to Speed up WordPress Website

Hosting videos on your WordPress site is always an issue. Videos, obviously, consume more space and for the quality of the video, you should upload HD videos that will be too large and slow down your website drastically. WordPress allows you to host videos as well but hosting them on your site is not a good idea.

If you want to add a video, then the simple way is to upload it to YouTube and embed the video on your WordPress post. WordPress has a built-in Youtube player as well. It will play the video as if it is playing on your website. There are other video sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion which will also help. You can also monetize your video by adding via YouTube.

Conclusion: To make your site faster, avoid hosting videos on your site.

Enabling Cache

Enabling cache

Whenever someone requests to see your website, WordPress dynamically creates an HTML version of your page. This is also one part that slows down your site. Instead, if you provide a finished HTML page, then there is no need for WordPress to create it dynamically at that moment.

Enabling Cache is one of the best ways to reduce the loading time of your WordPress Page. There are many options available to enable the cache. Here are some of the Plugins that enable cache in your WordPress website: WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket.

Conclusion: By enabling the Cache, the site loads faster.

Decrease Server Requests

Decrease server requests

Whenever someone opens your website on their browser, it requests certain resources from your server. If there are more requests needed to load your site, then the time to load the page also increases. There are several ways to reduce the server requests for a particular page.

You can lower the number of posts displayed on a particular page by adding pagination or navigation, reducing the number of images or other content on your page, and uninstalling unnecessary plugins to decrease the server requests. You can also make arrangements to lower the server request for the pages.

Conclusion: Decrease the Server Request to speed up WordPress.

Hope this article helps you speed up your WordPress website. If you have any queries let us know in the comments section below.

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