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What is Highlight? Highlighting a word or paragraph in a post enables to horse tack the attention of the reader towards the highlighted content easily. It is used to focus on important steps, call-of-action, offers, prices, etc. If you are a WordPress user, then there are some possible ways to highlight any of your words or paragraphs. To know how to highlight text in WordPress follows the upcoming article.

Techniques to Highlight Text in WordPress

In order to highlight any word on WordPress, you can follow three methods, and all those give the same result of highlighting.

  1. Without Plugin (using HTML)
  2. With Plugin
  3. Using Gutenberg Editor (inline text coloring & background coloring)

1. Highlight Text Without Plugin using HTML code

If you need to highlight text without a Plugin, then you need to know some basic HTML code to do it. If not then follow the step below without any mistakes.

[1] Open any post on your WordPress site.

[2] Select the word or Paragraph you need to highlight.

How to Highlight Text in WordPress
[3] Choose More options from the block toolbar.

[4] Select Edit as HTML from the menu.

Edit as HTML
[4] Add <mark> before the text to be highlighted and </mark> after the text to be highlighted.

How to Highlight Text in WordPress

Example: <mark>Highlighted Text</mark>

Result: Highlighted Text

Note: Using this method you can add the highlighting color but the yellow will be added as default.


[4] Add <span style=”background-color:yellow”> before the text to be highlighted and </span> after the text to be highlighted

How to Highlight Text in WordPress

Example: <span style=”background-color:yellow”>Highlighted Text</span> (or) <span style=”background-color:81F7F3”>Highlighted Text</span>

Note: Using this method you can set any color you needed via Text (color name) or color code.

Results: Highlighted Text,, Highlighted Text, Highlighted Text

[5] Then change the editor to Edit Visually from the More options menu or preview the page.

Edit visually
[6] Now you have successfully highlighted the text without a plugin.

2. Highlight Text With Plugin

With a plugin, the process of highlighting is even simpler and it does not involve any code to implement. Just with some simple clicks have the work done.

  • Highlight Text

With the Highlight Text plugin activated on WordPress, you will have a pen tool on your block toolbar. Using the pen tool, you can set the desired color to the text.

Edit color
  • Custom Highlight Color

With the Custom Highlight color plugin activated on WordPress, you can add any color to the text for a highlight from the customizer panel.

customize color

3. Highlight using Gutenberg Editor

This is not similar to that of the above-mentioned methods but this does some new kind of coloring to your post. Instead of highlighting it will change the color of the inline text and the background color of the entire block.

[1] Open any post on your WordPress.

[2] Select the word or paragraph you need to highlight.

[3] From the block panel in the right, go to Color Settings.

How to Highlight Text in WordPress
[4] Under Text Color select the desired color to apply.

Color settings

Note: You can also add color to your whole block by choosing a color in the Background Color section

[5] Now the text will be highlighted with the selected color.


So, highlight the important keyword on your post and make it look professional and easy for the readers to go through the article. If you have any queries on highlighting the article, make use of the comments section below. For more updates, follow our blog.

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