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WordPress is the best web development tool that allows you to create a fully functional website in no matter of time. Admin theme is the first thing that greets the developer while creating a WordPress website. There is no need for any admin theme on the WordPress site unless you make a website for some other client because it makes the look trendier and good-looking. You can make the admin space look similar to the work or genre the website is actually related to. It can make the working space cool and you don’t have to work with the usual boring theme WordPress has. With these themes, you can renovate the admin panel completely according to your taste or as your clients’. Here are some of the best WordPress Admin themes and plugins which you can add to your WordPress dashboard to change the actual look and feel of the default dashboard.

10 Best WordPress Admin Themes

  • Slate Admin Theme
  • Blue Admin
  • Reimagined Admin
  • Tamed Admin Theme
  • White Label CMS
  • Fancy Admin UI
  • Admin Color Schemer
  • Ultimate Dashboard
  • MainWP Dashboard
  • Admin Columns

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Slate Admin Theme

Slate Admin Theme WordPress Admin Themes

Slate Admin theme provides a simple and clean admin panel theme for WordPress. The primary focus of the theme is to simplify the visual layout with a main focus on improvising content writing experience. The theme uses a dark brown color for the admin bar with blue color for the menu, buttons, and links. The slate theme is mostly preferred by bloggers and content writers.

Price – Free | Pro version at $23

Blue Admin

Blue admin

Blue Admin is an Open source and Simple admin theme for WordPress. In this theme, the WordPress admin bar comes with blue as the primary color just like the name suggests. While the primary color blue cannot be changed but other panels on the admin windows can be altered as you wish. It works fine on all WordPress versions 4.4 and higher.

Price – Free

Reimagined Admin

reimagined admin WordPress Admin Themes

Reimagined Admin is one of the most popular WordPress admin themes. It gives complete access for you to customize your admin sections. It has a sleek design and lets you re-order the admin menu, custom admin menu dash icons, use WordPress color schemes, changeable WordPress admin background, WordPress login screen background, WordPress login screen logo, WordPress Admin Bar logo, site name, links, etc.

Price – Free

Tamed Admin Theme

tamed admin theme WordPress Admin Themes

Tamed Admin Theme helps you create and modify a simple WordPress admin interface. It has lots of UI Color that elevates your WordPress admin page into a more calm, clean, and overall better-looking place to work. It allows you to create make admin page as you wish in no matter of time just with some simple clicks. Also, the theme is completely free on the WordPress store.

Price – Free

White Label CMS

white label cms

White Label CMS is not a complete WordPress admin theme but it allows you to do a complete makeover on your WordPress admin area. It has some amazing features like customizing the login page, add branding to the header & footer, dashboard customization, and many more. Also, it allows you to control menus that appear for your client.

Price – Free

Fancy Admin UI

fancy admin ui

Fancy Admin UI is another WordPress admin theme and as the name says it makes your WordPress admin area look fancier. It comes with a two-color panel, the light blue and soft grey menu bar. Apart from these colors, there are no other colors available in the theme. Also, to change the color to any of the primary or secondary colors, go to Settings >> General page and make the desired changes.

Price – Free

Admin Color Schemer

admin color schemer WordPress Admin Themes

Admin Color Schemer is not a reliable WordPress admin theme, but it comes with some amazing colors that you can add to your WordPress admin page. It has unlimited color combinations from which you can add to your Admin area. You can set separate colors for various areas of your Admin page like base, icon, notifications, and highlights.

Price – Free

Ultimate Dashboard

ultimate dashboard WordPress Admin Themes

Ultimate Dashboard is one of the popular WordPress Admin themes. It allows you to create a custom WordPress dashboard for your clients or even for yourself. It comes with tons of customization options like remove dashboard widgets, create own widgets, login customizer, clean up the WordPress admin, add custom CSS, replace the WordPress dashboard headline, and many more.

Price – Free | Pro version starts at $98

MainWP Dashboard

mainwp dashboard

MainWP Dashboard is not a WordPress admin theme, it’s a plugin that allows you to control unlimited WordPress sites from your own private self-hosted WordPress install. This plugin has features like easy management, effortless upgrades, one-click access, automatic updates, abandoned plugin & theme alert, multiple reliable backup options, and many more.

Price – Free | Pro version starts at $19.99 per month

Admin Columns

admin columns WordPress Admin Themes

Admin Columns is a popular WordPress admin theme that allows you to manage and organize columns in the posts, users, comments, and media lists in the WordPress admin panel. It helps you to modify the WordPress admin screens into attractive, clear overviews & surveys, and many more. With Pro, you can have Advanced custom fields, Woocommerce support, and many more.

Price – Free | Pro version starts at $89

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This is the curated list of some of the best WordPress admin themes. Using this theme you can make your WordPress admin page more colorful and fancier. For most of the admins, when it comes to admin panel theme, its a no a big deal because only a few will be concerned regarding this as you are not going to stay there for longer. But if you make these changes, it would be refreshing and give you a little motivation to work. If you are making a site for some client, you can use this to add some additional features to your WordPress and attract them. If we missed any of your favorite WordPress admin themes let us know in the comments section below.

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