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Have you ever tried adding GIF on your WordPress site? It is a pretty simple process just like adding images, videos, and other files on your WordPress site. But sometimes you may experience this error where the GIF remains static like an image. It doesn’t mean that the problem is with the GIF image or with your WordPress website, it may be due to varied reasons. A GIF is an arrangement of several compressed images combined together and played as repeated animation. So if there is any change in any of the frames then the image result in making the whole GIF becomes static. In this article let’s see how to add a GIF image to your WordPress website easily and without any errors.

Add GIF Directly in WordPress Classic Editor

[1] Open New post on your WordPress Classic editor.

[2] Click on Add Media from the top of the editor.

Add media - classic editor
[3] Add the GIF file to your WordPress media library.

[4] Select the GIF file and go to the Attachment Display Settings.

[5] Set the size of the image to full size.

Attachment Display Settings
[6] Click on Insert in to post and the GIF will be added to your post.

How to Add GIF in WordPress

Add GIF Directly in WordPress Gutenberg Editor

If you are using the Gutenberg editor, it is very simple to add a GIF. All you need to do is just drag and drop the GIF file to the editor and it will automatically adapt and adjust to the size. The only restriction for GIF in Gutenberg editor is that you should not crop the GIF, instead resize it to your required needs.

Once the GIF is embedded this is how it works

How to Add GIF in WordPress

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Add GIF on WordPress using Plugins

There are several plugins using which you can add GIF files directly from your editor without leaving the site. Some of the plugins are,

[1] Once the plugin is added and activated on your WordPress dashboard, open the editor.

[2] Click on Plus icon on the top left corner next to the WordPress logo.

Add bLock
[3] Search for GIF in the search bar.

[4] Click on the Plugin icon the block.

[5] Now search for the GIF you wish to add on your site.

[6] Click on the GIF which you wish for.

How to Add GIF in WordPress
[7] It will be added to your site instantly.

Note: All the GIFs available within the plugins are stock-free to use.


You can also create your own GIF with your bunch of images with a simple click using the GIF maker tool available for free online.

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These are some of the possible ways to add an animated GIF file to your WordPress site. GIFs use large amount of size in the database when compared to images. Also, it is not easy to compress as you do with an image. So don’t add more GIFs on your site because it may result in increasing the load time of your site and load on your database. If you have any queries make use of the comments section below. For more WordPress guides, explore the blog.

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