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Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendar service developed by Google. It is useful to organize & manage schedules, time management, and share events. It helps your website to be more productive and easily manage events. Google Calendar is available on Android, iOS, Windows, web, etc. Apart from that, you can even access Google Calendar on the WordPress site. If you are not aware of how to add Google Calendar on WordPress, then continue reading the article.

3 Ways to Add Google Calendar

  • Access Google Calendar Directly from the Blocks
  • Embed Google Calendar with a plugin
  • Embed Google Calendar via Code editor

Access Google Calendar Directly from the Blocks

[1] Open the Editor page on WordPress.

[2] Click on the Add Block icon on the edit page.

[3] Type Google Calendar in the search bar.

Google Calendar in WordPress
[4] Click on the Google Calendar block icon.

[5] Firstly Enable Permissions for the calendar you want to share and paste the embed code of the Google calendar in the field below.

Google Calendar in WordPress
[6] Click on Embed to add Google Calendar to your website.

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Embed Google Calendar with a Plugin

These steps will help you embed Google Calendar in WordPress.

Install Plugin in WordPress

[1] From your WordPress Dashboard, choose Plugin.

[2] Click on Add New.

[3] Search for Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin.

[4] Click on Install Now and activate the plugin under installed plugins.

Connect the Plugin with Google Calendar

[5] Open Google Developer Console from your web browser.

[6] Create a new project by giving Project Name and Location.

Google API
[7] Click Enable APIs and Services and search for Calendar API.

Google Calendar in WordPress
[8] Choose Google Calendar API and enable the API.

calendar API
[9] Create Credentials for Google Calendar API and set the Key restriction & website restriction for your site.

[10] Once all set, copy the API key and save changes in the Google console.

[11] Also, go to Google Calendar and open the Settings (cog) icon.

[12] Under Settings for my calendar, choose Access permissions and check the Make available to the public box.

Google Calendar in WordPress
[13] Choose Integrate Calendar and copy the link address under Public address in iCal format.

Google Calendar in WordPress
[14] Now open the WordPress dashboard, you can see the Calendar option.

[15] Add New Calendar and in the Calendar ID field, paste the Public address in iCal format copied from Google Calendar.

Google Calendar in WordPress
[16] Now you have added Google Calendar successfully.

Embed Google Calendar via Code Editor


If you are good with code and stuff, then you can add Google Calendar to your website directly via code. To do that follow the steps below.

[1] Open your WordPress editor and click on the Add block icon.

[2] Search and choose the Custom HTML from the menu.

[3] In Custom HTML, you can add the code by yourself (or).

Google Calendar in WordPress
[4] Go to Google Calendar and choose Settings for my calendars.

[5] Under Integrate calendar and choose Embed code.

[6] Customize the code by clicking on the Customize button if required

[7] Copy the embed code link.

[7] Paste the sharable link on your Custom HTML block.

[8] Now you have embedded Google Calendar on your WordPress site.

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Use any of the above-mentioned methods that are easy for you to add/embed Google Calendar to your WordPress site. For doubts and queries make use of the comments section below. For the latest WordPress guides, follow our blog for updates.

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