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Business Address is the physical identity of the organization. It could be for the shops, outlets, restaurants, clinics, factories, office buildings to share their location on their website. This could help the customers to access them easily. The user can plan their visit to the organization through work hours and days information. Business Address usually available on the Contact page of the website and it has all the necessary details. WordPress has a plugin to add these details to the website and it is known as Business Profile. You can also add the Google Map location for free through the API key. In the below guide we will discuss how to add a Business Address in WordPress.

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How to Add Business Address in WordPress

The business Profile plugin is available for free installation in WordPress. It has provision to add the detailed address, map location, phone number, email address, opening hours, and days. The Plugin can incorporate multiple locations for the organization. You can add additional information on the Contact Us page.

(1). Go to the WordPress Dashboard and click Plugins.

(2). Select Add New and tap the Search bar.

(3). Enter Business Profile and select the Plugin.

(4). Click Install Now to install the Plugin and choose Activate.

Click Install Now - Add Business Address in WordPress

(5). Select the Business Profile to open and choose the Schema.

(6). Provide the Name and the Address of the Organisation.

(7). Click Get an API Key on Google Maps API Key. It opens the Google Maps API website.

Select Get an API Key - Add Business Address in WordPress

(8). Select Get A Key at the top and click Create a New Project.

Select Enable API

(9). Enter the Project Name and click Create and Enable API.

Select Create and Enable API - Add Business Address in WordPress

(10). It will generate an API key. Copy the API key and paste it into the Business Profile Plugin.

(11). Enter the Phone Number and choose Contact Page.

(12). Provide the Email Address and go to Opening Hours.

(13). Select the Days of the Week and choose the Timing of Work Hours.

Provide the Work Hours

(14). Click the Multiple Location option and select Save Changes.

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You can also add a short note on the Contact Us page and you could check the changes on the website. The Google API Key is free for limited usage and you have to pay for extra consumption. It offers all types of schema to choose from for the Business Address. You can share the queries for the above guide in the comments section in the below section.

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