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Are you new to WordPress and need some help to get your site optimized, Clearfy WordPress Plugin can help you out easily. Clearfy is a WordPress optimization plugin and a multipurpose tool with a lot of settings. You can combinedly use this plugin with another plugin to effectively optimize your WordPress site. Clearfy plugin ensures the safety and security of your website other than optimization. What Clearfy does is that it disables all the unused WordPress features in your site and make it light to perform better, improving speed performance and SEO rankings. It is a versatile plugin and so you can those features together or you can enable them individually when you need them.

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Clearfy Plugin Features

Though it is an optimization plugin one should handle it carefully because unknowingly handling certain features could break your site. Clearfy has the ability to:

  • Clear the website code from trash
  • Eliminate the WordPress vulnerabilities
  • Increases Speed in search engine indexing
  • Fix the plugin’s bugs
  • Make your WordPress easier, more convenient and faster

Quick Start

The clearfy plugin is a single solution to all your problems faced in your WordPress site. Using this plugin remove the unwanted code, pages, widgets, or those rich snippets on your site that you inserted on your own or by your web developer. After you install and activate the plugin, it will give you the quick start optimization settings. Enable the 25 most used settings with just a click without having to research much about this. Go with the recommended settings, you also have the option to import / export settings, reset all the settings at once and generate a bug report. The settings are differentiated by colors, Green indicates safe, Gray for settings that will not harm your site but still, you must be sure before having it. Red are settings that themes or plugins depend on so that you must be sure that you can disable the setting for your site.

Clearfy WordPress Optimization Plugin

When you click on a setting you will get a confirmation with a yellow background. The settings take place only when you confirm them and you can also reset them to default when necessary. Once you activate a setting you will get a window with the code for activation. You can save this code for the future to import these settings somewhere else. A Reset all settings to reset all of your settings. To get the settings back you can use the codes that you have saved earlier.

Clearfy WordPress Optimization Plugin


The Performance tab has four subcategories within, like performance, assets manager, Google services, and HTML minify.

Clearfy Performance

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Performance: The feature clears unnecessary scripts such as RSS feeds, emojis, embeds, REST API, short links, previous and next post links, etc. You can also exclude a list of stylesheets and scripts too.

Assets Manager – It disables unused scripts, styles, and fonts. Disable the assets manager panel, frontend, and backend individually.

Google Services – To disable fonts, maps, and analytics cache.

HTML Minify – Use this to minify your HTML and make the minification look professional. It also minifies inline JavaScript and CSS.


Clearfy SEO

SEO – Ability to optimize basic SEO, provide the last-modified header to the server response, and eliminate a few problems with YOAST.

Duplicate Pages – It removes duplicates for archives, author pages, tags, attachments, pagination, etc.


Defense – The defense helps you with basic security to hide the author’s login, login errors, disable XML-RPC, and hide the admin name and login page. This feature will be helpful when hackers get an author or the admin’s name and attempt to log in until they figure out the password.

Code Privacy – This part of defense hides the versions of plugins so an attacker has less chance to look for specific vulnerabilities.


Updates – Basic features like enable or disable automatic updates for themes, plugins, translations, VCS, and WordPress individually. You can also determine the type of updates to allow for the WordPress core.

Plugins – Setup auto-updates or enable updates or for each plugin individually. Also, adjust the settings in bulk.

Advanced – Ability to force auto-updates for debugging.


Clearfy Updates

Comments – Allow or disable comments everywhere or only on certain post types, allow or remove the site field from the comment form, replace external links in comments or the from comment authors with JavaScript, etc.

Comments Cleaner – Completely deletes all of the comments on your website with a single click. You can delete all or select specific post types to delete them from. It will also remove all spam, unapproved, or trashed comments each with a single click, so this tool is helpful even if you want to keep most comments.


The Widgets tab provides an option to remove widgets that are not frequently used such as links, calendar, tag cloud, archives, meta, etc. This is helpful because some widgets can send extra queries to the database even if they’re not used.


The Advanced tab holds some of the advanced features of your site. Diable admin notifications everywhere or on the dashboard from here. Disable heartbeat API (which runs AJAX calls) either everywhere or on the dashboard. Ability to disable the admin bar, admin logo, etc. It also has several post options to disable or limit post revisions, disable auto-save, smart quotes, capitalization for WordPress branding, and auto inserted paragraphs. It is better to limit the revisions rather than disable them. You can also disable the autosave but I personally don’t recommend it because every one of us has a story of autosave saving us.


Clearfy comes included with a 10 component package by default. Each one has a brief description under the components tab and you can individually enable or disable the components accordingly.

Download Clearfy Plugin

Clearfy plugin is completely free and you can download the same from the official WordPress repository or click here to Download Clearfy WordPress Plugin.

Clearfy plugin currently has around 30,000+ active installs with a 5-star average rating out of 80 reviews. The Cleary WordPress plugin is completely free as of now and you can use all of its features seamlessly on your website. Comment below your thoughts on this article about Clearfy WordPress plugin.

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