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Building a website requires a CMS service to manage all the content with ease. There are several CMS services available on the internet which has various features and support. In the article, we are going to compare all the possible aspects of WordPress vs Wix. Here WordPress doesn’t mean and we have used the self-hosted for the comparison with Wix. To know the difference between vs check out our brief article on it. Recently Wix has been noted by lots of users because of its YouTube ads and other marketing stuff. So let’s compare WordPress vs Wix today in this article.

Compare WordPress vs Wix

  • Pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Customization and Design
  • Plugins and other tools Support
  • eCommerce Support
  • Data Mobility

The free plan offers lots of features like creating a website with a custom domain name (for eg. Site name). Also, the basic plan does not offer any plugins or add-ons for your website. It has a separate plan for the website and Business/eCommerce, starting from $4.50 per month.


Pricing - WordPress vs Wix

WordPress is free but you need a domain name and hosting service to start your web hosting on WordPress for free. Apart from that, it offers tons of themes and plugins to build your WordPress site for absolutely free. Here are some of the cheap and best web hosting services for WordPress.


Wix provides the most powerful and easy-to-control website building interface. It uses a WYSIWYG interface, where you can see the result live while editing. It has several features and elements which can be added just by a drag and drop. Unfortunately, apart from what is available, there is no way you can add additional features unless you have a premium plan.

Ease of Use

ease to use - WordPress vs Wix

WordPress has an amazing WordPress block editor where you can add everything on your site as blocks just by drag and drop. This interface is not as precise as the Wix interface but very much easy to use. It also offers lots of themes and plugins for absolutely free with no branding anywhere on your website.


When it comes to customization and design, Wix offers dynamic designing and elements through its editor. Also, you can use the themes available in it, but the major drawback is that once the theme is selected, you cannot change the theme. Instead, you can change the available theme with the help of HTML5 as per your need.

Customization and Design

Customization - WordPress vs Wix

WordPress is developed using PHP, which allows you to access thousands of free and paid themes. It also allows you to upload third-party themes to your WordPress website. Unlike Wix, you can change the theme anytime and any number of times if needed. Also, if required, you can alter themes using PHP and CSS code.


Wix offers access to over 200+ apps that can be added to your website in no matter of time. Some apps are available for free, and most of the app comes in handy with a premium plan. Most importantly, the free version offers almost all the basic needs for your website like forms, galleries, social media integration, etc.

Plugins and Other Tools Support

plugins - WordPress vs Wix

WordPress, on the other hand, offers over 58,000 plugins for its user. Most of the plugins and tools are available for free and simple to access. So you can almost have everything needed for your site from the free plugins. Also, if needed, you can buy a premium plugin or even upload any third-party plugin/tools to your WordPress website directly.


Using Wix, you can create an eCommerce store. But beforehand you need to have a premium plan to begin it. If you have a premium plan, then you can start right away with your online store or any online business. For payments, Wix offers its very own payment system or you can also make use of other payment gateways like stripes, PayPal, etc.

eCommerce Support

ecommerce support - WordPress vs Wix

Creating an online store or online business with WordPress is much simpler as they offer lots of eCommerce themes that you can use and start your website in no time. Like Wix, it does not require any premium plan to access the eCommerce store. In addition, it supports all kinds of payment gateways. Check out our eCommerce Comparison on WordPress vs. Shopify.


The Data Mobility option in Wix is very much difficult. Only the XML file of your blog post can be exported. Other than that, you need to download all other content like images, videos, pages, etc., manually. This is because all the Wix content is stored and hosted exclusively on Wix servers, so it cannot be exported as a whole. Furthermore, even Wix does not carry over content to a new theme.

Data Mobility

Data mobility - WordPress vs Wix

Data Mobility is simple and easy to process when it comes to WordPress. It comes with a one-click exporter, which allows you to backup all your content in XML format. Apart from that, you can also download all the images, videos, pages, and other content altogether if required. Also, it is simple to transfer your WordPress to a new host or theme anytime, which will carry over all the content.


Hope this guide helped you know the difference, advantages, and disadvantages between WordPress and Wix. In our opinion, WordPress has been very much open, simple, and flexible for all kinds of your usage even in the future. Wix is good to create a very appealing website in no matter of time but it becomes clumsy when it comes to migration and several other processes. If you have any queries let us know in the comments section below.

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