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WordPress is a popular WordPress site builder that allows you to create, edit, and publish posts online. Before publishing a post, it is important to set the visibility option which allocates who sees the post and who does not. There are two types of visibility available in WordPress namely Public and Private. Public posts are available for everyone to watch and private posts are only available for the admin and site users. So if you have no idea about how to add a private post on your WordPress site then continue reading the article.

How to Add Private Post on WordPress

Here are we are using the latest Gutenberg editor on our WordPress, if you are using classic editor, the process is still the same but the screenshots will be different.

[1] Go to WordPress post editor and complete writing the post.

[2] Once done, click on the Settings icon next to Publish.

Private Post on WordPress
[3] Here go to the Post section below it.

[4] Now under the Status & visibility section, click on Public (highlighted in blue) next to Visibility.

[5] In Post Visibility, check the Radio button next to Private.


Note: If you choose private the post will be visible only for the admin and the editor.

[6] Click on Ok from the pop-up on your browser that says Would you like to privately publish this post now?.

Private Post on WordPress
[7] Now your post will be published privately.

Even after publishing the post privately, the media content uploaded on your post will still be visible and accessible via the media library. So it is best to avoid images to make your post completely private. Also, the post can be visible via link only if you have logged in to the WordPress admin dashboard. If you are using a subscription-based website then you can add private posts only for those subscribed users who subscribed.

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This is how you publish your post privately on WordPress. Also, you can password protect your post so that only the one who set the password can see not even the one with editor access can view the post unless the user has the password. Hope this guide helps your make private posts on your WordPress site. If you have any doubts or queries let us know in the comments section below. For more WordPress guides and articles, explore our site.

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