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WordPress can be accessed by multiple users at a time. But when multiple users use the same username to log in, it may trigger errors. Also, if you are having the default name as Admin and you are willing to change the name to something cool then this article tells you how to change the username on WordPress in three possible methods.

Methods to Change WordPress Username

There are three possible and simple ways to change WordPress Username. They are

  • From WordPress Dashboard
  • Via cPanel
  • Using Plugins

Change WordPress Username from WordPress Dashboard

To use this method, you will need to be in the role of the admin of your WordPress site.

[1] From your WordPress Dashboard, click on Users and choose All users.

[2] You can see the list of available users on the WordPress site.

Note: You can see an edit option highlighted in blue below each username, but using that you can all your info except the username.

[3] Click on Add New at the top of the list.

[4] Enter the Username, email, and password for the new user profile.

How to Change WordPress Username

Note: Make sure all the required fields are filled with unique info.

[5] Once filled, click on Add New User to add your profile.

[6] Now get back to the users list and delete the one you wish to remove.

How to Change WordPress Username
[7] While deleting, if you don’t want the content available under the username then delete it


[7] Select Attribute all content to: and choose the user to which you wish to transfer the content.

Delete users
[8] Then click on Confirm deletion.

[9] Now logout and login back with the newly created username.

This is how you can change the username from your WordPress Dashboard, even though it is not a straightforward method it is easy to perform.

Change WordPress Username via cPanel

[1] Open cPanel and login with your WordPress account.

[2] From the Dashboard, click on phpMyAdmin under the Database section.

[3] Select the Database from the left panel in which your blog is hosted.

How to Change WordPress Username
[4] You will the list of database tables available on your website.

[5] Choose wp_users from the database table.

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[6] Here you can see the list of users list on your WordPress site.

[7] Click on Edit near the user_login you wish to change.

edit - cpanel
[8] Replace and enter the username wish for and click on Go.

edit name
[9] Now you have successfully change the username of your WordPress profile.

Change WordPress Username using Plugin

Apart from the simple methods which are available to change usernames by default, there are some plugins that can make your job even simpler. Username Changer is one such plugin to make this job simpler. Firstly install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site. All you need to do is from your WordPress dashboard, click on Users >> Username Changer. Here, select the Current username and enter the new username, then click on Save changes to apply changes. Now you have successfully changed the WordPress username.

Username changer plugin

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These are some of the possible ways to alter the WordPress username. There is also a way to change the username programmatically which is not recommended as the steps involve several complications. Before changing the name make sure to have a clear idea of what your WordPress username should be. If you have any queries make use of the comments section below. For more WordPress articles, explore our blog.

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