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A domain is the first and most important things that you need before starting a website. The user will identify your site with the help of the domain name. It is the first impression you give your user. So it is very important that it looks unique and snappy. There are several sites online that let you buy and host a website. One such popular and best web hosting site is Bluehost. Bluehost is an extensive website platform that provides and helps with everything you need on a website at the best prices. If you are interested to buy a Domain name on Bluehost then we are here to guide you to do it properly.

What is a Domain?

The domain is the name or title of your webpage. It has two parts and they are

  • TLD

Top-Level-Domain is the last but at the same time the most important thing on your site name. It has several types and given based on the category of the site like gTLD, sTLD, ccTLD, and uTLD. Some of the TLD examples are .com, .org, .us, .jobs, etc.

  • SLD (2LD)

The Second Level Domain is the name or title that comes before TLD. It needs to be unique and related to your website.

Buy Domain on Bluehost

[1] From your web browser, go to

[2] Set the TLD and search the name of your Domain.

[3] Click on Search.


Note: If the site you search for is available, it will directly be added to the cart and you will be asked to select similar recommendations from the How about one of these great domains section.

[4] Once the domain is added to the cart, click on Proceed.

How to Buy a Domain on Bluehost
[5] Now you can click on Proceed with 30-day free trial hosting (or) Proceed without 30-day free trial hosting.

How to Buy a Domain on Bluehost
  • Proceed with 30-day free trial hosting – 30 days of free trial after that you will be charged automatically with the respective price.
  • Proceed without 30-day free trial hosting – You can buy directly without any free trial.

Note: You can also get a professional Mail ID from Microsoft 365.

[6] Enter your email ID, address, phone number, etc., and provide your card details via card or PayPal.

[7] Click on Purchase Now to complete your payment.

Purchase now
[8] Once the domain is purchased, make the changes needed to the domain as per your requirement via the Domain control center.

[9] Now you are ready to start a website with the new domain purchased.

We believe that you have got a clear view of what a is domain name and how to buy a domain in Bluehost. Use the comments section for queries related to the article. For more WordPress insights, keep an eye on our blog.

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