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Using Dark Mode helps you reduce the brightness of your site by more than 50%. It is preferred mostly by the users who browse during the nighttime. Also, it has become a recent trend and people like to set their app on dark mode. We saw a lot of apps introduce dark mode in recent times. Similarly, You can set your WordPress site in dark mode by default or you can add a switcher or toggle to switch between themes for the user just like YouTube. With Dark Mode enabled on your site, it can adapt to the user theme and preference easily. So let’s see how to add Dark Mode on your WordPress site.

Add Dark Mode to WordPress Website using Plugin

With Plugin, it is simple to add a Dark theme to your WordPress. The most popularly used plugin used to accomplish the process is WP Dark Mode.

[1] Go to the Plugin section from the dashboard and click on Add New.

[2] Search and install WP Dark Mode plugin.

[3] Once installed, click on Activate button to activate the plugin.

[4] Get back to the dashboard, click on Settings and choose WP Dark Mode settings.

[5] Using this plugin, you can make changes in the floating widget, style settings, image settings, etc. to enable dark mode on your WordPress dashboard and website.

WordPress Dark Mode
  • Enable OS Aware Dark Mode

By turning on OS Aware dark mode, your WordPress website will turn to the mode according to your operating system color scheme or mode automatically.

WordPress Dark Mode
  • Enable Backend Dark Mode

Enabling Backend Dark mode allows you to switch themes from your dashboard and website by providing a switch to toggle between themes.


This is how it appears on the website.

Dark mode icon
  •  Customize the Dark Mode

You customize the dark mode from WP Dark Mode settings under Style settings. Here you can choose among Dark Mode color preset you wish to add.

WordPress Dark Mode
  • Enable Dark Mode while editing a post

You can enable dark theme while editing a post by clicking on the Color icon on the top left near the WordPress icon and choose Darkmode. This will change your editor theme to dark.


Add Dark theme to WordPress Website without Plugin

There are no possible ways to add Dark mode without a plugin but you can make some color scheme changes for your profile’s Admin panel, dashboard, and editor by following the steps below. You can also consider changing the entire theme of your site to a new one having a dark mode. Modern themes let users choose Dark mode when they want, instead of you forcing them what to see. Choose between the 18 Best Dark WordPress Themes (Free & Premium) to your website.

[1] Click Profile from the dashboard.

[2] Under the Admin color scheme, choose the Color that you wish to have.

[3] It has come preset like Default, Light, Modern, Blue, Coffee, etc. which you can set as your color scheme.

Color scheme

Also, you can use some of your browser extensions that could enable dark mode on your WordPress site, Dashboard, and editor.

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These are some of the possible ways to add Dark Mode to your WordPress site, with this you can reduce the eye strain and make your WordPress site look cool. If you have any queries, make use of the comment section below. For more follow WordPress guides follow our blog.

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