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Navigation Menu is an integral part of the website and it is a gateway to access various segments in the website. It usually appears at the top of the website like Header and you can alter the position on the homepage. The menu can have links to Home, About, Social media handles, and Contact. You can add article categories in the menu to assist the readers in finding the desired topics quickly and easily. You can also learn about adding a Jump Menu to WordPress admin area to ease out managing content in the admin dashboard. The Navigation Menu is available in the WordPress settings as an inbuilt option and it is very simple to add it to the website. Let’s see how to add a navigation menu in WordPress in the below guide.

How to Add Navigation Menu in WordPress

The Navigation menu has posts, pages, custom links, categories to add to the menu. It also provides filters like Most recent to search the respective items easily. You can check the changes immediately on the site and verify them for approval.

(1). On the WordPress Dashboard, select Appearance on the left side.

Select Menus in the Appearance

(2). Click the Menus option in the Appearance and select Create a New Menu.

Click Create a new Menu - How to add navigation menu in WordPress

(3). Enter the Menu Name and click Create Menu.

enter the name of Navigation Menu

(4). Choose Menu Display Location and click Save Menu.

(5). Move to the Menu Settings and choose Pages to get available pages.

(6). Select the Menu items and click Add to Menu to add them in the Menu Structure.

(7). Click Posts in the menu items and choose the required posts to add to the menu.

(8). Select Custom Links and provide the URL link, Link Text.

(9). Click Categories and choose the categories to get them in the menu.

(10). Check the Menu item order in the menu structure and click Save Menu.

How to Customize Menu in WordPress

There are plenty of customization options to design your own menu. You can alter the position of the menu items, rename them, and delete the item if needed. The menu can have sub-menus with just drag and drop arrangement.

(1). Go to the Menu Structure, drag and drop the menu items for rearrangement.

(2). Move the item to the right of the other item to create a sub-menu.

Move right to make it sub-menu

(3). Click the Drop-down arrow in the menu item and select Remove to delete the item in the menu.

Provide Custom link - How to add Navigation Menu in WordPress

(4). Choose the Menu option to move the item in the menu structure.

How to Get the Menu on the Homepage

You could bring the Navigation menu to the Homepage Sidebar or Footer to provide additional attention. The Widgets provide the option to add the menu on the home screen of the website.

(1). Choose Appearance in the WordPress Dashboard.

(2). Select Widgets in the Appearance and choose the Sidebar or the Footer.

Add the Navigation menu in the Widgets

(3). Click Select Menu and choose the created menu to appear in the sidebar/footer.

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Navigation Menu provides an outline for the website with the available options. You can edit the menu name or modify the menu structure anytime through menu settings. While choosing the menu, you have to be attentive in selecting the appropriate menu. If you find any trouble with the above procedure, please mention it in the comments section.

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