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The payment plugin is used to collect or receive payments from the users on your WordPress website. When it comes to online payments in websites, there are two modes: Stripes and PayPal. Both payment modes are popular and transparent for online payment solutions. You can choose any mode of payment as both are almost similar to each other. In this article, we have listed some of the best payment plugins that you should try out on a WordPress site.

10 Payment Plugin for WordPress

Stripes Payment Plugins

  • WPForms
  • WP Simple Pay Pro
  • WooCommerce
  • Learn Dash
  • MemberPress

PayPal Payment Plugins

  • PayPal for WooCommerce
  • PayPal Payment
  • Quick PayPal Payments
  • PayPal Donations
  • PayPal Responders

Stripe Payment Plugins


Stripe is one of the popular payment companies that allows anyone with a legal business to accept credit card payments online. All you need is a stripe account. Also, the user doesn’t require a stripe account to make payments. Users can simply add the card details to make the payment. To accept Stripes payment on your website, you need to have and enable a valid SSL certificate on your WordPress site. Now let’s see some of the best WordPress Stripes Payment Plugins.


WPForms Payment Plugins for WordPress

WPForms is one of the best drag and drop plugins available on WordPress. Using this plugin, you can add a Payment form with tons of templates available within. It is used for creating online order forms to sell digital content like games, videos, songs, collecting donations, and many more. This plugin enables you to create an unlimited number of payment forms and accept credit card payments directly from the site. You can add it anywhere on your website like in the posts, pages, sidebar widgets, etc and the process is very simple.

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WP Simple Pay Pro

WP Simple Pay Payment Plugins for WordPress

WP Simple Pay Pro is another stripe mode payment plugin. It enables you to receive payments directly on your site even without any shopping cart plugin to your website. Like WPForms, you can create an unlimited number of payment forms and accept all kinds of credit card payments on your site. With the template available within the plugin, you can add the form to add a subscription or recurring payments option available on your site just with a click.

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Woocommerce Payment Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to eCommerce, WooCommerce is the first thing that comes to our mind. It is available as a plugin on WordPress and that plugin includes payment options. You can even create an online store with ease with the help of this plugin. It accepts payments from Apple Pay and Alipay if the plugin is activated on your WordPress website. It has some exciting features like refunding, currency conversion, and saving cards online for easy access.

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Learn Dash

LearnDash Payment Plugins for WordPress

If you are an organization that sells courses online then Learn Dash is one of the best apps that you should prefer to collect all your payments using their free Stripes integration. It has some exclusive features for payment like multi-tier courses, assignments for students, quizzes, a grading system, etc., and monitor the course completion graph at the same time.

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Memberpress Payment Plugins for WordPress

For membership payments, Memberpress is one of the best plugins that you could find on WordPress. With this plugin, you can sell courses like learn dash and add a membership card to your website too. It comes with Stripes integrated, so you can accept all kinds of credit card payments on your site. MemberPress has complete subscription management options and it supports recurring payment on your website.

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PayPal Payment Plugins


PayPal is another way of making payments online and on a website. It does not require a merchant account. All you need is a PayPal account linked with your bank and a client with a PayPal account linked with the bank to make the payment. It is simple to access on your website than Stripes payment mode. So let’s see some of the best WordPress PayPal Payment Plugins.

PayPal for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Payment Plugins for WordPress

WooCommerce is one of the popular Payment plugins that has both Stripes and PayPal modes of payment. As we have spoken about stripe in the earlier part of this article let’s see about PayPal mode. This plugin has built-in support for standard PayPal accounts and it also supports both PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Pro API for all WooCommerce sites.

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WP Easy PayPal Payment

WP Easy PayPal Payment Payment Plugins for WordPress

WP Easy PayPal Payment plugin on WordPress offers shortcodes and widgets to make PayPal payments on the WordPress site. With this plugin, you can add a PayPal button on all kinds of posts, pages, and sidebars of your WordPress site. It also maintains the payments & Payers list in spreadsheet-like format and sends payment confirmation emails to both the WordPress admin and the customer.

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Quick PayPal Payments

Quick Paypal Payments Payment Plugins for WordPress

Quick PayPal Payments is one of the payment plugins for WordPress. As the name implies Quick PayPal Payments is quick to set up and implement on all kinds of WordPress sites just by adding its shortcode. It has a simple-to-use interface to alter the appearance of your payment form and also has some templates available as a preset in it.

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PayPal Donations

Paypal donations Payment Plugins for WordPress

PayPal Donations is another simple to use WordPress payment plugin that comes with an easy add shortcode and widget which can be added to your WordPress post, page, and sidebars in no matter of time. Once the plugin is added and activated on your WordPress dashboard, you can configure it from your settings directly. Once the payment is done, you can also redirect the users to thank them.

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PayPal Responders

Paypal responders Payment Plugins for WordPress

PayPal Responder is a PayPal mode of Payment plugin in WordPress. It allows you to sell individual products using PayPal as a mode of payment on your site. It can handle multiple products and any currency that PayPal has access to handle. In this plugin, you can use the default PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button or upload a png button of your own for payment too.

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These are some of the plugins that are used for collecting/receiving payment on your website in a secured way. You can choose any of the above-mentioned plugins that suit you. If we missed any of the favorite plugins let us know in the comments section below. Hanging on with some queries? Shoot it down in the comment box below. For more best WordPress plugins, explore our blog.

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